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Your Home Plans Brought to Life with our Architectural Services

Do You Need To Use An 'Architect'?
It's a common question

Extension Plans For Chichester and Surrounding Towns and Villages

Transform your living space and create a valuable asset by taking advantage of our expert knowledge in home renovations and extension plans. We will bring your ideas to life, whether it be for large-scale projects or small additions.


Don't forget about the necessary approvals required - as your agent we will submit your applications for planning permissions, building regulations approvals, and permitted developments too! Contact us today to begin realizing the potential that lies within your property. contact us today about how we can help turn your dreams into reality.

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Benefits of Your Home Plans
Experienced CIAT Chartered Practice
Application Submissions
Reviews From Verified Clients
High Quality Design with 3D Visualisations 
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The Services We Provide

At Your Home Plans, we have the expertise and experience to help you create your dream property.


Our comprehensive services include planning drawings, building regulation designs, and structural calculations for single storey or double storey extension plans as well as loft conversions - all at competitive prices!


We can also provide guidance in navigating the complexities of the planning process needed by local authorities. With our years of industry knowledge rest assured that when it comes to designing architectural plans or obtaining a lawful development certificate (LDC).


Your Home Plan has got you covered from start to finish.


Our Process

Take a few moments to fill out our simple form and we'll respond promptly with an obligation-free quotation for your project (depending on location), including a guide to build costs and the whole process.

Consultation & Proposal

We provide comprehensive consultation followed by emailed tailored proposals with additional helpful information on the Planning and Building Control process. Which includes a guide to building costs and possible unforeseen costs that could occur. We guide you through the design process and the feasibility of creating a loft conversion, two storey extension, single storey extension, garden room, or whatever development you have in mind.

Measured Survey

We measure the dimensions of your property inside and out in order to create extension plans that are detailed and accurate. We use laser measurers to survey the property which results in a precise model.


Photos are taken of the interior and exterior to ensure we do not miss anything. We do not provide free feasibility sketches as we prefer to provide you with accurate, scaled 2D and 3D models of your house in the first instance. This way we know we are not promising you something that cannot be achieved.

Receive Your Plans

We are on hand to provide expert service and advice at every point in your project's journey. With a rapid 14 day turnaround, from payment and site survey, you'll soon receive initial options complete with annotated notes for weighing your options easily.


We generally make notes of the decisions we make that may affect a party wall, changes to your original ideas or to highlight awkward areas that we don't like but feel you need to see.

For the clearest communication regarding changes or other concerns, we recommend sending an email and you can also attach any of your own sketches to aid comprehension if need be - as this offers our quickest response time.


Meanwhile, should it prove more convenient we can arrange a Zoom or Teams meeting which can help get the message across effectively!

Revisions and Questions

Architectural drawing revisions can be a complex process, as it involves ensuring that all design elements are in alignment and it enables. Luckily, unlimited revisions can be completed within 24-48 hours, to ensure that the final version of the project is accurate and meets expectations. The free revisions are normally for up to 6 months or until the planning application is approved, whichever is soonest. This is on a case by case basis.


It's important to take this time to ask questions about the revisions and make any adjustments necessary to guarantee accuracy; all of the options provided allow you to do this and encourage more communication between us. This ensures that all of your needs are met in a timely manner and that you're left 100% satisfied before moving on to Planning Applications and Building Regulations Plans.

Planning Submission

Once you are satisfied with the architectural drawings, we will swiftly submit the relevant planning permission application to your local authority. Whether you are hoping for Householder or Permitted Development approval, we will take care of this process quickly, usually within 24 hours.


This is especially important if your project is located within conservation areas, as it means you can proceed with assurance that all of the necessary steps have been taken. Sometimes, such as in sensitive areas such as Conservation Area or for a Listed Building, further additional reports will be required.


Anything that we can do in house will generally not carry a further fee, however, if an different expert is required we will obtain a quotation on your behalf.

Building Regulation Plans

The next set of Plans to be prepared are Building Regulation Plans, these technical drawings are required for contractors to tender and work from. These include structural calculations prepared by our structural engineer.


It's worth delaying progress on the Building Regulation Plans until this step is completed, as it can save time and money down the line. Once you have been given your green light to proceed, the next set of plans to consider are those that fall under Building Regulations.

Building Control Application

Building regulation drawings must meet specific standards agreed by Building Control, so making sure they are approved before construction work commences is crucial to completing any project effectively and safely.


Unlike the Planning Department, Building Control submission can be through the Local Authority of an Approved Inspector (private company).

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Why Choose Us For Your Architectural Services

Be Prepared and Spend Wisely, it could save you a small fortune.  


An extension isn't just about having more room - it's an opportunity for you to realize the vision of your dream home. Transform your home into a dream come true with our help.


Our extension project service not only provides plans, but also offers advice on likely costs or problems that may arise - saving you time and money in the long-run. Your current space can look stunning without having to invest heavily in flashy fixtures; instead focus on creating an environment of lasting quality for those special moments spent at home!


Invest in quality doors and windows, open up spaces to create features in room design, rather than building the biggest box with great kitchen.


Our prices may not be the lowest, but we offer an unbeatable combination of quality and value. Our satisfied customers have given us glowing feedback to prove it!

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