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Case Studies

Architectural Drawings
"As an retired Project Manager I have dealt with many Architects during the course of my career, however I have never met anyone as good as June. She not only has the eye of an experienced Architect but she is extremely knowledgeable of building construction, which was invaluable in helping me make decisions on quite a complex project. My wife said she has turned an ugly duckling of a house into something amazing. June is an excellent communicator and was very prompt in answering my questions. I highly recommend June for any Project."
House Remodel
Side Extensions
Extension Selsey
Wraparound Extension Selsey
Ground Floor Extension, Selsey
The home owners wanted to replace a side and rear conservatory with a more substantial extension.  Their were particularly concerned with the glazing.  This is a coastal location on the West side of Selsey which is subject to harsh wind and waves.  In the Spring Tide the waves can extend over the top of the house and land in the front garden, also its been known for stones to be lifted from the beech and thrown through the first floor windows.  The doors and windows on the existing conservatories regularly were oiled as the salt water attacked the fittings which would cease up.  We recommended a high quality Aluminium Frame which was insulated and had an Anodised coating prior to the final coloured powder coating, which would provide a more robust protection against the weather.


During the design process the decision was made to update the rest of the property externally but replacing the tile hanging for Blue Cement Fibre Cladding and upgrade the white uPVC windows for a mixure of Aluminium Powder Coated frames and uPVC frames all in the same colour which matched perfectly.  The exterior wall insulation was to be upgraded, but due to the coastal location cavity fill could provide a bridge for external moisture to travel to the internal blockwalls, therefore foil wrap was selected to be installed prior to the exterior cladding.
The views from the front entrance go right through the house and rear glazing to the sea beyond, its truely breath taking as you walk in and was well worth doing, thoroughly enjoyed by the home owners and their family and friends.
Architectural Drawings Selsey
Architectural Drawings Chichester
House Drawings

"Working with June was an absolute pleasure. She understood the challenges of our environment and also what we were trying to achieve. When we had questions, she responded very quickly, and in fact went far beyond what was required, doing a lot of extra research to help find the perfect solution. She continued to actively support us throughout the build."

Extension Selsey
Wrap around extension
Selsey house extension
Glass Extension Selsey
Remodel Selsey
Open Plan Living Selsey
DIning Room Extension
Annexe and Refurbishment

We initially started with brand new designs to replace the timber frame bungalow as lots more living space was needed.  Having gone through all of the options, not only was it not cost effective, the family realised they loved their home, it just didn't work for them. 

We went back to the drawing board looking at what we could do with the existing building.  It was timber frame and wouldn't take another storey above without major improvements to the foundations, also the existing roof is very low pitch with a felt covering which by this time was leaking in numerous places.  The roof wasn't designed to take the weight of roof tiles, and so a lightweight cladding was required.   The exterior walls were timber clad, there was also some wood cladding on the interiors walls which the home owners were keen to keep.
Annexe Bosham
Annexe Extension Bosham
The overal design was to be modernised with render, grey windows and touches of cedar cladding.  The roof was finished with GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) including the addition of decorative 'mop rolls' for added interest.  Natural light was a big issue due to the deep eaves overhang and tall mature trees, so every room had roof windows added to them.  A new large entrance hall was created with vaulted ceiling, a rear glass extension with large flat roof window and folding doors and a large annexe extension was created at the front to provide private space for the older family members, with their own garden.
Architectural Drawings Bosham
House Drawings Bosham
House Extension Bosham
Bungalow Extension Bosham
Kitchen Remodel Bosham
Remodel Kitchen Bosham
Bedroom Velux Windows
House Extension Bosham
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