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What is the difference between an Architect and an Architectural Technologist?

The word ‘Architect’ is an often catch all term used for professionals such as Architects, Chartered Architectural Technologists and other house designers, that can offer architectural services for a range of projects.


The training of Chartered Architectural Technologists are in building science, engineering and technology i.e., how a building is put together and the complexities of the construction and materials being used.  Their skills straddles between the creative designs that Architects specialise and Engineering of Structural Engineers.

Some Chartered Architectural Technologists will be creative and fully capable of producing eye-catching and innovative designs on top of being more scientifically led. Likewise, there are Architects that can be highly technical in their approach.  The skills on offer from individual Architects and Technologists will differ depending on experience and expertise, examples of their previous work and reviews will help you to see if they are the right fit for you.

We are a CIAT Registered Practice.  CIAT (Chartered Institute of Architectural Technology) is the professional governing body for Architectural Technologists.  MCIAT (members) can offer and deliver ‘the full range of architectural services’ akin to that of an architect. 

Your Home Plans is a CIAT Chartered Architectural Practice and have been providing designs for refurbishments, extensions, conversions and new homes since 2007.   Working with clients who are passionate is something that drives us, you are always very much part of the team.   Whether its a small extension or complete redevelopment of your home, you need to understand how if it will work for you and your family, and if 'must haves' will look as perfect as you imagine.   Our Architectural Drawings include 3d modelling which enables us to show you how your home will look from every location inside and out.  We use 3D views, floor plans and sections highlighting key areas of considering which help guide you during the design process.


We have completed many of our own extensions and a self build, all of which Martin has built himself, so we have been there and done it and it adds to our experience which is invaluable. Although we are based in Chichester, West Sussex we have worked on plans across the country, which is possible with our Online service, which means you can prepare your own Survey.

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